E-mail Questionaire

29 Aug

Welcome to Language & Letterform!

My name is Les, I’m your  teacher  for this semester.

It’s important that I have your correct e-mail address, If the time or location of a class trip has changed, if I have a question/comment about your project, or if I can’t make it to class I should be able to get in touch with you. E-mail me with any problems or questions or just to let me know about something cool you’ve done or seen. Include “Lang & Lett” along with your name in your subject line.

My e-mail me is :       kanturel@newschool.edu

You also need to have the address of another student in class. If you miss a class and need the assignment I should not be your only source .

At the end of this post are some questions I’d like you to answer (in an e-mail to me) so we can start talking about your work and what you do. Please use your Newschool e-mail address  check it on a regular basis.

This isn’t a test and there aren’t any right or wrong answers. Please answer as frankly as possible.

  1. Why did you choose illustration as your major? What excites you about being an illustrator/artist?
  2. Who are your favorite illustrators/artists? Include a url if you have one.
  3. What medium do you like to work in? What do you like to draw/paint/fabricate outside of school?
  4. Any place I can see your work online?
  5. Do you use type/handwriting etc. in your work?
  6. Do you like to write?
  7. What are areas that you feel you could improve artistically? ie: I have trouble working in color, I’d like to paint better, I procrastinate. etc.
  8. Anything else I should know about you?

Please let me know if ;

  • You’re  in the animation program
  • You’re  a major in another department
  • English is your second language

Last question:   If you had to choose between the super powers of Flight or Invisibility, which would you pick? You cannot choose both and you must choose one.  And yes I am serious about asking this question and if you don’t answer it I’ll either become invisible and sneak up on you when you least expect it  (yecch!) or fly over to your place and embarrass you.  Either way  I’m determined to get an answer.

See you on Wednesday. Bring your sketchbook (you should bring it to every class) and of course a pen/pencil/something to draw with.




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